How you can sell high-risk merchants with confidence!
These 3 keys will change the way you approach high-risk merchants.
Get Answers to Questions Like...
Why are multiple bank
Relationships important?

Not only is having multiple banks important when selling high risk, you need the right banks!  Learn how to choose the right bank partnerships.
why are processors not able to support high-risk?
Don't approach high risk with the same support you provide to traditional merchants.  Learn the support tactics and processes that work for high risk.
why are high-risk accounts so profitable?
High risk accounts are very profitable, but the pricing and margin is calculated differently.  Learn the ins and outs of high risk processing and grow business!
note from the author
"For many agents and ISOs, the promise of big margin from high-risk accounts seems like an illusion.  This is true even after years of searching for the right processor that can dependably place these deals and provide a consistent merchant experience.  But it doesn't have to be that way."
-Michael Wright
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