How to dramatically increase portfolio value!
 How you can retain 95% of your merchant accounts each year.
What you need to know about retention.
calculate Your
Portfolio Value

What matters most as a merchant level sales person or ISO is the total money made from each account during the LIFE of that account.
evaluate your compensation
You deserve low cost structures and high residual splits, but don't stop there.  Think through the impact of retention on the value of the accounts you are selling.
secure Your
residuals Income
Retention will make all the difference on your exit strategy.  We consistently retain 95% + of our merchant accounts each year! Learn how we do it.
note from the President
" Having been in the merchant services industry since 1998, I have seen countless agents and ISOs build a book of business, only to see attrition eat away at the value.  I hope this short eBook, with tips from the Metro team, will give you the tools you need to retain your merchant accounts and build a portfolio with long-term value."
-Mark Landis
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