Your processor should be helping you reach your goals!
10 issues that keep merchant sales agents from reaching their potential.
Get Answers to Questions Like...
are you maximizing your compensation?
You will earn 100% of the profit on all equipment sales.  Your residual starts on day one with no waiting period.  Transparent pricing allows you to control your attrition and build your business.
are you wasting time on proposals?
Have you lost a deal due to confusion over pricing?  We prepare your proposals for you, allowing you to focus on your sales skills.  Let us create your proposals so you can close deals.
are you leaving deals on the table?
It's time to add value to your merchants by providing them a terminal that will help them grow, with little to no cost.  Even small businesses deserve to have cutting edge equipment. 
note from the author
" With over 20 years of sales experience in the merchant services industry, I know what to look for when choosing a partner to help you build your portfolio.  Most importantly, I have discovered 10 mistakes that merchant sales professionals make when choosing a processing partner. This eBook is my attempt to help you avoid these 10 pitfalls."
-Jerry Kadish
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